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The value of a Story

The story of Farmen started half a century a ago and we are tempted to take out our old photographs and proudly share them with you.

Farmen, however, is a modern company that believes in innovation, invests in research and knows how to listen to its clients. It is a cuttin-edge business based on contemporary values that is known and valued all over the world.

We want to paint a true picture of the company. It is an authentic business that is the fruit of the work of two generations: the founders, Mariarosa Ceccon and Piero Manzetti, who founded the company, and brothers Alberto and Gianni Manzetti, who, together with Guido Bassignana, now manage the company as it faces new market challenges.

In the following pages we will take a closer look at the company's organisation, present the challenges that is has succesfully faced, discover its products and share the vision of its manages. In short, we will tell you a story which began many years ago but which is still being written, day after day.


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From concept to the client:
the Production Chain

One of our strong points is the ability to manage the entire production chain within the company: from the initial concept to the selection of raw materials and active ingredients, right up to the production, delivery and education of the end user.

Only in this way, by meticulosly checking each and every step, can we truly guarantee the quality and reliability of our products. Every new product represents the successful outcome of a journey with only one goal - client satisfaction.

However, whenever we achieve a goal, we are already ready to move on to the next. Research and ongoing interaction with the market and operators, investment in innovation for all the production phases and continuous exchange with our clients reflect our quest to venture onwards and upwards towards our objectives.


The basis of innovation: Research & Development

Every day we apply a precious and irreplaceable element in our laboratories: our knowledge.

This is the driving force behind innovation and the result of our staff's daily work. This knowledge grows daily during the hours invested in staff training and is applied in the dozens of laboratory tests conducted on each of our products

These tests are so stringent that no more than around 100 of the approximately 600 formulas evaluated every year are actually manufactured on an industrial level. Knowledge is also the basis of the skill with which we select active ingredients and new ray materials which are then subjected to strict dermatological and toxicology tests to ensure reliability.

You will not find this factor listed amongst the ingredients but it is in fact the best guarantee that we can offer the quality and effectiveness of our products.

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The right answer to every request: Production

Satisfied clients are our greatest asset.

This is why we have equipped ourselves to process every order swiftly, using as inhouse integrated management order system. The management experts call it "just in time, on demand". We like to put it this way: "We repay your faith in us".

Technology plays a fundamental part in the production phase, too. We have installed an automated system for bleach production in a controlled microclimate. A climate control system operates within our over 20,000 m2 factorym which monitors the temperature and hydrometry and reduces polluting agents. The entire production cycle, with a capacity of around 100,000 item of product per day, is monitored from start to finish to ensure complete quality for every single product.

As well as being an efficient company, we are also a socially responsible business. We constantly invest in innovation and to improve the purification and filtration systems for fumes and waste water. We readily take on this commitment because we strongly believe that the environment is a heritage that we must protect.

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The right solution for every requirement: the Brands

From its establishment, Farmen has always pursued a single objective: offering beauty and style professionals effective, reliable and innovative products to meet all their working needs.

The result of this commitment is reflected today in our three production lines: Vitality's, NEA-SPA and Fascinelle.


    is the line dedicated to hair stylists. A complete, high-quality range, designed to enhance clients' style and improve their well-being. Specific colouring, shaping and styling solutions that offer added value: the creativity and experience of Italian-made products.


    is the brand created to satisfy the needs of clients who purchase through the selective pharmacy channel. A complete product line with high-end products for the well-being and style of hair.


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Italian-made products abroad: the Market

Our products are confirmed jet-setters.

They are now exported to more than 70 countries over 5 different contintents.

This success is derived from the high quality of each of our cosmetic products and our constant focus on client's needs. Every day, we strive to deliver our products to distributors in due time, we manage marketing campaigns and promote training initiatives in many countries, we attend fairs and conventios across the world and much more besides.

We have always faced this difficult and engaging challenge with passion. Because not only is our success at stake, but so is the reputatione of Italian-made products, in a sector which Italy is valued and acknowledged on an international level.


Looking forward to the future: the Vision

We have half a century of history behind us, yet we never tire of planning for the future.

The ability to predict future trends and needs is a fundamental aspect in staying competitive in our sector. There are no secret ingredients in achieving this. You must never rest on your laurels, listen to clients, interact with suppliers and never lose touch with market trends.

Of course experience also helps.

It is essential to know all the rules of the game, including those that are unwritten, so as to make the right decisions at the right time. This is why "human capital" is not just a catchphrase for us. The expertise and know-how of our managers and personnel are our best guarantee of success. Today and in the future.

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A history of values: Responsibility

We believe that profit and responsibility are not mutually exclusive.

For this reason, we invest resources and time in ongoing innovation for our purification plants, we undertake chemical and clinical analyses and select natural and eco-compatible active ingredients for our products, through research. We believe that those who work and live near us should be protected and safeguarded. We have automated the potentially critical production phases, and we support initiatives in favour of working mothers and their children. We also sponsor local and school-based events.

Many of these projects are long-established activities, initiated before social responsibility became a popular term, because we have always believed that values such as respect for the environment, worker safety, attention to the client and commitment to the local area are on obligation for any company.

The Sustainable Colours of Beauty